Is the Reload Bug Fixed?

  What is the Reload Bug? Has it Been Fixed?

Yes, the reload bug has been fixed and our QA team has not been able to reproduce it. The "reload bug" was partially caused by a backend to client mismatch (desync). It caused players to deal no damage after reloading, or having to reload two times. We discovered that it was connected to other bugs, something we described as a "hydra". You can read more about the challenges we faced in tackling it in our article here.

  Summer Update: Reloading while Using Archetype Powers

We also addressed a behavior that was not an intended part of the gameplay: reloading while using powers. This has been fixed in the Summer update and while it wasn't part of the reload Hydra. We anticipated that some of you may encounter a situation where you're reloading and using powers at the same time, and wanted to give you a heads up so you know that it is indeed not the reload bug.

Thank you very much to everyone who reported this issue, if you find any other bugs in the summer update, let us know

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