How do I change my in-game username/Sharkmob ID?

Before we get started:

Please, note that PSN users see their PSN username in-game.

What is this?

Your in-game username or Sharkmob ID is the display name you input upon creating your Sharkmob account, and it is the name shown on the top left corner when at the Elysium.

You can change your username once a month. Additionally, the new username you want to use has to meet the following requirements:

  • It needs to be 6-16 characters long.

  • It needs to start with a letter, either upper case or lower case

  • May contain letters (both upper case A-Z and lower case a-z), '_', and numbers (0-9)

  • It must not contain offensive language


How do I change this?

  • Go to the Bloodhunt website. This name change can be only done through this link, as doing it through the support site will result in you changing your support site name.
  • In the top right corner, click "My Account", then "Sign In".myaccount.PNG
  • Log in with your Sharkmob account email and password, or with a linked account (Steam, PSN).
  • Once you log in, navigate to "My Profile". The option to change your username should be at the top of the page, under Public profile.profile.PNG
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