Performance Tips & Tricks for PC - Video Explanation

Improving Performance on PC

If you are looking for some useful tips & tricks to improve Bloodhunt's performance on your computer, or if you want to know more about the finer details of the game's graphics settings, you are in the right place.

We want to share with you a video that goes into explaining the possible combinations of settings you can configure in order to either maximize the game's performance or the quality of its visuals. The video will cover:

  • Improving FPS
  • Balancing visuals and performance
  • Optimal resolution and other settings
  • Explaining basic and advanced settings

The video also clarifies which settings are actually best for either of these goals and gives viable recommendations on what to try and the impact that they are going to have.

Different settings in the video may be relevant for different computer configurations, but you can explore a number of good ideas to try.


Where can I find the video?

To watch the video and get some great insights on this topic, simply click below: 

If you are still experiencing issues with Bloodhunt's performance, you can contact Player Support. We will be glad to assist!

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