I receive Error 27 / Error 29 when I try to log in

PSA: Please note that Steam outages are a common cause of this error when trying to log in to the game. In these cases, you can try restarting Steam.

What is this?

"Error: 27 / er27" means you are trying to log in to a Sharkmob account that is currently not linked to your Steam/PSN account.

"Error: 29 / er29" happens when your Sharkmob account is not linked to your Steam/PSN account. 

You can only link your Sharkmob account to one unique Steam/PSN account, read more about it here

How do I solve this?

  • Go to Bloodhunt.com
  • Under My Account select Sign in
  • Choose the option to Sign in with Steam / PlayStation
  • Once you are logged in, restart your Steam client/PlayStation.
  • Ensure Bloodhunt is updated to the latest version.
    If you are playing on Steam, verify the integrity of your Steam files.
  • Launch Bloodhunt from the Steam library/PlayStation.
  • Log in to your Sharkmob account.

If you have tried everything above, please contact us for further assistance.

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