What is Sharkmob’s stance on cheating and misconduct?

We take things seriously!

Sharkmob takes cheating and misconduct very seriously.

We have a team fully committed to go through all player created reports as well as an anti-cheat that is constantly learning and adapting to new ways of cheating.

It is a core value in Sharkmob to have fun and it is a value we want to express through all our games.
For everyone to have fun, we aim to ensure that we have a safe community with fair gameplay.

This means that Sharkmob has zero tolerance for cheating and toxic behavior.
Below is a quick guide to what is currently not acceptable.


What is considered cheating in Bloodhunt?
The list below is a guideline and provides a quick overview. However, the list is not limited to the cheats below – just because a cheat is not mentioned in the list, does not make it legal to use.

  • Using any 3rd party software to gain an unfair advantage.
    • Aimbots and triggerbots
    • Artificial lag/lag switch
    • World-hacking
    • Wall hacking
  • Teaming / secret coteries
    • Teaming up in any type of solo match, by forming a secret alliance with another solo player or group – working together to kill everyone in the match except from your secret alliance.
  • Rapid Fire Moderations
    • Modifying a controller or keyboard to gain the advantage of having a faster firing weapon than the standard.
  • Abusing exploits/bugs
    • Purposely using a bug or exploit in the game, to gain unfair advantage.
      • For example: There’s a bug that prevents you from taking damage by the red gas. Staying in the red gas until the game finish, would be abusing a bug.


  • Stream Sniping
    • Watching a streamer and connecting to the same lobby only to kill the streamer, by knowing the streamer’s location from watching the stream.
  • Profanity
    • Inappropriate usernames, curse words, or other uses of offensive language, chat room spam, being impolite, rude, culturally offensive, or similar actions that break the game rules.


How can I report another player for any of the violations above?

We have created a short guide that is broken down into 3 steps.

  • Before you report
  • Creating a report
  • What to include?

You can find this guide here: How can I report another player?

I was banned, but I am innocent – can I appeal against the ban?

No process is perfect - and we understand that sometimes anti-cheat software may show a false positive or sometimes, despite several reviews of a player report, the support team could make a wrong decision.

In these cases, we suggest you submit a request to our support team to appeal against the ban.

To make a good case, we always encourage you to provide as much evidence as possible to prove your innocence.

You can read more about how to create a ban appeal as well as what a good ban appeal should contain right here:
My account has been banned



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