How to make a ban appeal?

Can I make an appeal against the ban?

Yes you can!

Although it happens very rarely – we are aware that sometimes our anti-cheat may have a false positive or our support team may make a wrong decision.

If you believe that you were wrongfully banned, we encourage you to submit a request to our support team. But before you go ahead and submit a request, we encourage you to continue reading below, as it may help you become more successful in your appeal.


In you appeal, be upfront and honest.

We value honesty and sometimes what may have been seen as a purposeful exploit by another player - could have simply been a mistake by the one who committed the exploit.

An honest and sincere approach to your appeal will move mountains in getting off on the right foot with our support staff.

To submit a good ban appeal, try to think back at any changes you may have made to the game recently, things you could have said that were misunderstood and which could be the reason to why you got banned.

Then let us know why you believe the ban is a mistake.

A few things to keep in mind when submitting an appeal:

  • The support team will not be able to share neither what type of cheat was detected or how the cheat was detected.
  • Cheating is cheating – Even if you only used it once or if you were just trying it out, it still warrants a lifetime ban.
  • Some cheats may work for several games. Even if you did not use the cheat in Bloodhunt, you can still get banned by the anti-cheat if the cheat is detected on your system.
  • You are responsible for what happens on your account, even if it is a friend or someone else who used the cheat from your account – you will receive a lifetime ban.
  • If your appeal was denied, please do not create a new appeal right away, unless you have any groundbreaking evidence that the decision was wrong. Creating a duplicate appeal only slows down the process.
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