How to link my Steam/PS5 account to my Sharkmob account? 

Before we get started:

You can only link your Sharkmob account to one Steam/PSN account. Once your Sharkmob account has been linked to a Steam/PSN account, it is not possible to link it to a different Steam/PSN account later. 


I don’t have a Sharkmob account

To be able to play Bloodhunt, you need to create a Sharkmob account. 

You can do this in 2 ways: 

1. Create an account through the game. 

    • Log in to your Steam/PSN account. 
    • Download Bloodhunt to your library. 
    • Launch the game. 
    • The game will ask you to create a Sharkmob account. 
    • Follow the steps for creating a new account. 
    • Log in to your new account once it has been created. 
    • Your Sharkmob account is now automatically linked to your Steam/PSN account. 

2. Create an account on the official website.

    • Go to 
    • Click My Account in the top right corner. 
    • Click Create account. 
    • Follow the process. 
    • Once your account has been created, follow the process below for linking it to your Steam/PSN account. 

I already have a Sharkmob account and want to link it to my Steam/PSN account.

    • Open your Sharkmob profile
    • Under Linked accounts, choose the account you want to linkmceclip0.png
    • Follow the steps to login into your Steam/PSN account 
    • Once you are logged in, your account is automatically linked to your Steam account. 



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