Performance Icons Explained


The icons mean that your gaming session is facing either connection issues or hardware issues.

When contacting support regarding one of those issues, it is a good idea to send a screenshot which contains one (or more) of these icons.

Here's what you should know about the indicators:

PerformanceIndicator_Fps.png Low FPS – This means that you are having performance issues which are resulting in your computer being unable to draw the images of the game at a desired framerate.
PerformanceIndicator_Latency_varitation.png Latency variation – This means that your connection is unable to maintain steady ping, which can result in your enemies seemingly teleporting while in the game or otherwise.
mceclip0.png Latency – This means that you are under the threshold of the accepted latency for playing Bloodhunt. The game may still run, but you may experience side effects like your shots and hits not connecting properly or getting killed behind walls.
mceclip1.png Server FPS – This means that the Bloodhunt server itself is unable to keep up with the desired amount of data that it needs to track per second.
mceclip2.png Refresh rate – When this warning appears on your screen, you are not utilizing the maximum refresh rate of your screen and thus not getting the best possible gameplay experience!
Go check your video settings and increase the refresh rate in the options menu in Bloodhunt to match that of your screen (applicable on screens that support refresh rates higher than 60hz)

Packet loss – This means that the data packets that are sent from the server to your game client or vice versa in order to keep track of everything that is happening in the game are being lost on the way.
Packet loss means that the server is unable to give your game client the full information on what is currently happening in Bloodhunt, and the game client will have to make some predictions, usually not in your favor.

mceclip4.png Optimizing Shaders - Shaders are thousands of small programs that execute on the GPU, for the purpose of rendering objects, and these all need to be uniquely built and stored on your computer. We choose to do this work when you launch the game, to avoid stuttering in-game. However, some shaders might be missed in this step, and need to be built as they're encountered in-game. In these cases, you will notice this icon appearing.


If you are seeing one of these icons and you are not sure why, or you need help in solving the issue related to it, make sure to check our troubleshooting articles:

If you have tried all steps but the issues persists, do not hesitate to contact our Player Support.

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