What is SGuardSvc64.exe?

SGuardSvc64.exe and SGuard64.exe

This task belongs to the Ace Anti-Cheat client.

Our current release of Bloodhunt has a known bug that may leave the process running even after exiting the game.

You can safely end this task manually.


How do I end the task?

  • Press CTRL + ALT + DEL on your keyboard.
  • Select Task Manager
  • Find the tasks SGuardSvc64.exe and SGuard64.exe
  • Right click on the task and choose End task
  • Verify that the task disappears from the Task Manager.
  • Close the Task Manager.


I uninstalled the game, why is the ACE Anti-Cheat still installed?

This was a bug in an older version of Bloodhunt, which has now been fixed.

However if you have already uninstalled the game, prior to the new updates - then you can follow the manual uninstall instructions here: My Anti-cheat did not un-install properly.



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