ERROR: 2164 - Inappropriate Username

What is error: 2164?


Error: 2164 happens during the account creation process and means that your username may include words or part or words that was picked up by our profanity filter and is seems as restricted.

We have this feature in place to protect our community from harassment, racism, cursing and so on, because some words that aren't offensive for one player, can be found offensive by another.


How do I solve this?

  • Try another username. Try to use different wording. Use other letters ( f.e Dzvil, instead of Devil). You can also use numbers instead of some letters or add them at the end of the username. ( Dev1l instead of Devil)
  • If you believe our profanity filter is too sensitive and might have picked up something that should not be restricted, we invite you to Submit a request to our Player Support, so they can investigate further, what could have caused the filter to label the name as offensive and use it as a feedback in the future.


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