Where can I find the logs?


Once in a while our Support agents may ask you for a log file if your game shut down unexpectedly, if you have issues with logging in, or other similar situations where a log file will be able to further troubleshoot the problem.

Below you will find the description and path of the logs that are most commonly asked for.



The INTL log is useful if you experience issues with your account, either when trying to log in or other similar errors before launching the game. If our Support Agents are asking you to provide this log, you can find it here:



Tiger Log

The Tiger log mainly contain information about game crashes. This log is useful if you are already in the game and experience issues, crashes, connectivity issues in Elysium or something similar. If our Support agents asks for this log, you can find it here:



To be able to view the AppData folder you may sometimes have to enable "View Hidden Items" in File Explorer.



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