How can I report another player?


Sharkmob takes the reports of suspected cheating, harassment or other violations of our code of conduct very seriously.

With the help of player reported incidents together with our own internal tools we got a team always ready to make investigations and take the proper actions to make the game fun for everyone.

Here, we will share the process of what to be aware of before reporting someone else, how to create the report, how to make sure you file the best report possible.


Before you report Creating a report What to include?
  • Make sure you have enough evidence to support your claim. If you are not confident in your evidence, do not create a ticket.
  • Sometimes things are not always as they appear. A potential speed hack could have also been caused by lagging and a potential wall hack could simply be because the other player heard you first.
  • Abusing the system and reporting too many players without proper evidence, may result in getting your own account restricted/banned.
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