How can I report another player?

Sharkmob takes any harassment or violation of our code of conduct extremely seriously, both inside and outside of the game.

For this, we have a dedicated team that will conduct investigations and take the necessary actions to ensure that our players have a fun time playing the game. Together with our internal tools, we can better identify any type of violation with your assistance.

Therefore here, we will explain how to report a player who you suspect of cheating, exploiting, scamming, or any other type of harassment.

There are two options for doing so:


In-Game Report Tool

  • When you are in “Spectating” mode:
    • For PC, press R.
    • For PS5, press triangle.
  • Choose a reason for your report. 


  • Select “Send”.


Player Report Ticket

Before you report Create a report What to include?
  • Make sure you have enough evidence to support your claim. If you are not confident in your evidence, do not create a ticket.
  • Sometimes things are not always as they appear. A potential speed hack could have also been caused by lagging and a potential wallhack could simply be because the other player heard you first.
  • Abusing the system and reporting too many players without proper evidence, may result in getting your own account restricted/banned.
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